As you may know I am a big egg enthusiast in during the week. I like starting my day with protein as it seems to be the only thing that fuels my brain and stops me getting snacky mid morning.

But sometimes I wake up on a Sunday and I just feel like something else.

You can usually guarantee I will have some almost dead looking bananas (spotty and right) and eggs in the house. Which makes these 3 ingredient pancakes perfect for those “I feel like I need something else” weekends.

Now the texture is going to be different than a flour pancake, a little heavier and eggier, but once you flavour them up they are a perfect low carb breakfast or brunch option.


  • 1 Large Ripe bananas
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/8 teaspoon of baking powder


  • I like to add a pinch of cinnamon – but this is totally optional
  • I also like to add a few drops of vanilla essence
  • You could also add chocolate chips if your going for a sweeter treat


  • Maple Syrup & Butter
  • Raspberries and coconut yogurt
  • Lemon and Sugar
  • Nut butter (something like nutella would be divine!


  1. In a food processor mix the bananas, egg,  baking powder, and cinnamon and and a few drops of vanilla until mixed and smooth. 
  2. Spray your pan or skillet with oil – its important to have a good coating so they do not stick.
  3. Make you first one smaller – as you may need to experiment with the temperature and the first pancake (for me anyway) always turns out to be a dud)
  4. Cook until you see small bubbles form in the mixture, check to make sure they are turning golden.
  5. flip and cook the other side.


I topped mine with some coconut yogurt  (a dairy free alternative to yoghurt made with cows milk as dairy products and I do not really get along). And I usually have some frozen raspberries in the freezer for smoothies on the go. And some chia seeds for a little pop and crunch.


What is your favorite pancake topping? Have you made these before? What did you think. Leave me a comment below so I know you stopped by.