Gluten free icecreamQ. A question from one of our readers: 

Where can I buy Gluten Free Ice cream?

Does anyone know of any gluten free ice cream available in the supermarkets in Victoria.
I have Coles and Woolies and Iga and Aldi 


The gluten free state of ice cream will vary from brand to brand and flavour to flavour. You need to look out for things like caramel flavoring, which can sometimes contain gluten, or any that use a wheat thickener or wheat glucose. I have found plenty of options at the local supermarket from reading labels, and I always ask what brand the ice cream is when I eat out, or google. In more recent years, I have given up dairy to tend to opt for sorbet, coconut yogurt or make my own ice cream with a banana base.

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Over to you…

Do you have any tips or favourite flavours that you have found are gluten free? Is so we would love to read yoru comments below.

Please see anwers in the comment section from our readers. Have you discovered one? Please leave a comment to share with our readers and let me know you stopped by 😀

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Gundowring GF
    by: Anonymous

    All Gundowring icecream except licorice flavour is lab-tested GF. It’s the yummiest icecream around, with a huge variety of flavours and all natural. Not cheap but worth it 🙂

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    New Zealand tip top
    by: Anonymous

    Just got back from NZ and tip top has a huge range of gluten free didn’t realise it would be so hard here as my daughter is new to gluten intolerance

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Gluten free… Maybe not
    by: Anonymous

    Be careful of the thickeners. Our dietician advised avoiding additives 400-450 which most ice creams contain and our gluten intolerant daughter seems to react to.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    gluten free ice cream.
    by: Anonymous

    My housemate is coeliac and I looked at most of the ice-creams available. It appeared only Bulla and Cadbury (The expensive creamy classic and creamy vanilla only) did not contain wheat or other gluten product.

    BEWARE the same brands in the cheaper range contain plenty of gluten, only the 2 litre $9.00 tubs apparently are gluten free, however I looked up the thickeners, emulsifiers and colours and found the colour is made from wheat.

    It is not supposed to have an affect but my house mate looks like he has had boiling water poured over him from the top of the head down. It is only the ice-cream I can think of.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Beware of Cadbury!
    by: Anonymous

    At Coles this week I checked all of the Cadbury containers as I was desperate for a fix and all flavours were labelled as containing gluten 🙁

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Gluten free IceCream
    by: Wendy

    I bought an Ice Cream maker ..I’ve made a lovely banana one so far.. worth thinking about..

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Mini melts is gluten free
    by: Anonymous


    I think mini melts ice cream is gluten free. Check out their web site. There are various stores listed on their web that supply this product.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    soy ice cream reply to anonymous
    by: patmouse

    hi name is pat from s.a, replying to anonymous
    from dec 2011, got info about ice cream, from
    thomas dux will look around for it always looking
    for somthing new as long as it is glutin wheat
    and dairy free, thanks pat from s.a.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    soy is great!
    by: Anonymous


    Cadbury have a GF icecream.. rather nice.
    I really like soy icecream tho. So Good is great and gluten free and dairy free. It really makes you wonder how they can make something sooo yummy without dairy and gluten and then make it have less calories than regular icecream!!

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    so good glutin dairy free icecream.
    by: Anonymous

    Hi I live in S.A and I have coles and woolies
    both have ice cream that is glutin and dairy free
    I like the dairy free one by so good, nice
    flavours, i like the vanilla and mango, or the
    chocolate,shops do have a lot of different ice
    creams just look and pick the one you would like
    to try I am sure you will find one to suit
    It took me quite a while to find one that I liked
    I needed dairy free as well as glutin free, I
    hope this helps.yours Anonymous.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    by: Ruark

    I spent a lot of last night checking on-line details of various ice-cream companies,

    most are safe -(check their very long list on-line){Do they sell their ice cream in NSW?)

    BULLA is safe

    except – Bulla Creamy Classics Cookies & Cream, Bulla Creamy Classics Caramel Toffee Crunch, Bulla Crunch Bars & the Ice Cream Sandwich range.

    almost all WEIS is safe

    NO ADDDED SUGAR is safe

    most of the MAGNUM range are safe
    Unfortunately WEIS and Nesle-Peters are pretty expensive. I am impressed that all these companies have fact sheets or nutritional information that reference the wheat content. But I think as almost every one here says, it’s best to check packaging in case the ingredients changes.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    so good dairy free glutin free icecream
    by: tinymouse

    Hi my name is pat live in s.a have coles and
    woolies, can get so good dairy free and gluten
    free icecream, not bad taste, have different
    flavours I like the vanilla, the chocalate,
    and the mango flavour, I hope this helps,have a
    nice day.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Nushie’s Natural
    by: Anonymous

    I just came across this brand at Thomas Dux. It is gluten free and dairy free and tastes way better than the soy ice creams. look at

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Is Timboon ice cream gluten free?
    by: Anonymous

    Does anyone know if Timboon ice cream the honey Combe version, if it is Gluten free? I asked the store person and they said it was, however I found I become ill after eating it. I can not be certain that it was the ice cream as I did eat other things. It would just be good to know.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    gluten free icecream
    by: Anonymous

    I noticed on a meal tray delivered to a patient at the Warrnambool Hospital, that the icecream cup was an Everest product and was labelled gluten free, but have found that it still pays to read all the labels. PS it was yummy

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    cross contamination
    by: Anonymous

    Beware of reading ingredient list on products that say GLUTEN FREE. I picked up a meal replacement called Lady Bird. I happen to read the ingredient list as I don’t eat some additives.Below in small print it said, manufactured where gluten was. I rang the company and said it was illegal to have Gluten Free on packaging and have a warning.The person I spoke to was not happy with me telling him it was illegal. I rang the Coeliac society vic. They confirmed that Gluten Free, must be GF.Ingredient lists that read ok for GF are not necessarily so.Cross contamination I have found to be the most challenging.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    by: Anonymous

    we buy bulla creamy classic from woolworths (always check the ingredients)

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    there’s always soy ice cream
    by: Josephine

    I don’t know about normal ice cream but Woolworths/Safeway and Coles stock the So Good brand of soy ice cream, which is gluten free

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    GF ice cream
    by: Sally

    Iv found most Bulla I e cream is gluten free, also aldi’s brand of ice cream seems to be ok too, I always check the and allergy information on everything, as ingredence often change!

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    GF ice cream
    by: free-one

    Most ice creams are gluten free. Check the ingredients list where any ingredients containing wheat/gluten must be identified by law.

    You do not need to be concerend about Glucose Syrup (from wheat) – it has been so processed that it contains no detectable gluten.

    Flavours such as cookies and cream and ice creams with added ‘chunks’ should be avoided.

    Streets, Cadbury and Bulla vanilla ice cream and their basic flavours contain no detectable gluten.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Ice Cream
    by: Anonymous

    Home ice cream have a variety of products that are gluten free and in NSW they deliver once a fortnight

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Gluten Free Icecream
    by: Nadine

    I actually use the Coeliac Society iPhone App Ingredient List. One of the problems is many manufacturers change the ingredients of their products. Just read the labels and check the ingredients. Weiss is gluten free and dairy free but I never buy anything unless I check it first.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Gluten free ice-cream
    by: Anonymous

    There’s a new GF shop on Bridge Rd (I think) called My Gluten Free…they have a couple of ice-creams, and a stack of other stuff too.

  • Amy

    I love Bulla Ice Cream. The ‘Real Dairy’ branded vanilla is creamy, delicious, and gluten free!

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