gluten free chocolateQ. I was in the supermarket the other day and found myself wondering is chocolate gluten free?

I noticed a selection of chocolate in the gluten free section that was gluten free, along with sugar free and dairy free options.

But what about my favourite brands? How do I know if that is gluten free.

Caramellow? Blackforest? Dairy milk?

And what about boxes of chocolates or easter eggs for the kids?

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    Cadbury Chocolate
    by: Liz

    After reading a comment about Cadbury chocolate, and checking out the packaging on the chocolate destined for my daughters wedding cake. I rang the Cadbury NZ and was assured that dairy milk is still gluten free, it has been made on the same plant for the last 5 yrs in Australia and it is a labelling change ONLY as the parts of the plant do process wheat. Hopefully, this is correct I do not want my daughters wedding day ruined by gluten! To be sure though I will suggest she takes a capsule that is available in N Z called glutazyme which helps to negate any side effects of gluten that has been accidentally eaten. Please note these capsules do NOT allow her to eat gluten all the time – she only takes them when she can not be certain that the food is all gluten free and not contaminated by utensils used to serve gluten containing foods ie – buffets.

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    Cadbury chocolate no longer gluten free
    by: Sonya

    Sad to say that with the recent change to the cadbury chocolate packaging, the majority of their chocolates are no longer gluten free. This even includes the plain chocolate blocks. I think the twirls are still OK, but please check all your packaging before buying.

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    cadbury chocolate
    by: Anonymous

    Hi The new packaging of Cadbury blocks(eating chocolate) now say it “may contain traces of wheat”(due to cross contamination) and their web site no longer says no gluten. Their cooking choc bits make no mention of wheat.

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    Are green and black chocolates gluten free?
    by: Anonymous

    Please check the labels on your Green and Black products. Green and Blacks 85% dark chocolate now lists ‘cereal’ as a ‘may contain traces of’ item.

    I just purchased a sugar free dark chocolate (stevia is used as a sweetener) that does not contain gluten (but does contain soy lecithin and traces of peanuts, nuts and milk). It’s called AntiOx (available in supermarkets), and while it doesn’t specifically say ‘gluten free’ on the label, I called Vitality Brands and they confirmed it is indeed gluten free. They don’t label it gluten free because they thought it was generally accepted that chocolate doesn’t contain gluten. I let them know otherwise, so they may change their labelling in the future.

    I didn’t realise this when I called them, but Vitality Brands also sells the Well Naturally sugar free chocolate (also available in supermarkets). My guess is, it is also gluten free, though probably best not to take my word for it!

    It’s important to regularly check labels simply because a company can change its products’ ingredients at any time (though why anyone would add in gluten to save a buck these days is beyond me).

    Oh, by the way, I don’t mind the taste of this sugar free chocolate – hits the spot well enough for me, though it would be even better if the soy lecithin was outta there.

    Apologies if anyone else has already mentioned this chocolate – I didn’t read through all the comments before adding mine!

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    GF CHOCOLATE for chocholics
    by: Anonymous

    I hear Dove chocolate is GF Life is good I would die if I couldn’t eat lollies and chocolate

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    by: Anonymous

    sorry but baci has gluten in hem

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    by: Rachel

    I have loved chocolate all my life and yes you can have
    normal dairy milk
    and cadbury easter eggs
    basicaally all cadbury is gluten free except for the short bread one
    i have had all these things and dont get a rash
    hope i helped

    * note from gfa > not sure how accurate this is as the caramel and glucose used to make fondant and filling in alot of cadbury chocolate tends to be from wheat glucose rather then corn.

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    Gluten free Slitti chocolate
    by: Marco

    Hi there,

    All Slitti chocolate chocolate bars are gluten free, as well as drageés, truffle, coffee beans or almonds covered with chocolate and other products.

    Pure chocolate should be produced using only cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and real vanilla, but a lot of big brands use several other ingredients to save on costs…

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    Plaidstowe chocolate
    by: Fiona Mott

    Plaidstowe does actually contain gluten and is listed so – this has only changed in the last couple of months – it is manufactured on the same equipment as wheat. I’m quite sensitive and this does make me sick as does all Nestle products. The only one that I trust is cadbury in the plain chocolates for eating and cooking, they have never made me sick.

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    by: Anonymous

    Nestle Plaistowe maybe be Gluten free by Ingrediant but it carries the May be processed on the same line as wheat statement so it means if you are a Coeliac you should not consume the product.


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    A list of GF chocolate
    by: Gluten Gone

    I have complied a list of chocolate I know is gluten free. With easter eggs most are not GF.

    – NESTLÉ Choc Bits – Dark, Milk and White
    – NESTLÉ Melts – Dark, Milk and White
    – PLAISTOWE Milk, Dark & White
    – NESTLÉ Baking Cocoa
    – AERO Milk and Minty Bubbles
    – BACI Chocolates
    – NESTLÉ Golden Rough
    – NESTLÉ Scorched Almonds Original Milk
    – SWEET WILLIAM Original
    – SWEET WILLIAM Not Nuts
    – SWEET WILLIAM Rice Crackle
    – SWEET WILLIAM No Added Sugar
    – SWEET WILLIAM White Delight
    – SWEET WILLIAM Choc Chips
    – GREEN & BLACKS white
    – GREEN & BLACKS Milk
    – GREEN & BLACKS Almond
    – GREEN & BLACKS Maya Gold
    – GREEN & BLACKS Hazelnut & Currant
    – GREEN & BLACKS Raisin & Hazelnut
    – GREEN & BLACKS Ginger
    – GREEN & BLACKS Cherry
    – GREEN & BLACKS Butterscotch
    – GREEN & BLACKS Mint-Fondant
    – GREEN & BLACKS Dark 70%
    – GREEN & BLACKS Dark 85%
    – GREEN & BLACKS 72% Cook’s Chocolate
    – GREEN & BLACKS Cocoa Powder
    – GREEN & BLACKS Hot Chocolate

    Always check the labels and if in doubt contact the information iine listed on the pack

    For further info you can take a look at my website.

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    Lindt and Gluten Free
    by: Kati Harrington

    Lots of Lindt has malt barley which rules it out….sadly….

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    Is Snickers Gluten Free?
    by: Sally Danckert

    Ooh, I didn’t need to know snickers was gluten free.

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    Chocolate and Lollies
    by: Anonymous

    As per the Coeliac Society info, glucose derived from wheat is so refined it does not effect Coeliacs so it’s ok.

    If that is the ONLY mention of wheat on the packet. Glucose (wheat) – OK. If the pack says ‘may contain wheat’ or ‘processed …on equip that processes wheat’ NOT OK.

    I was happy to find much of the “normal” chocolate on the market is GF. Snickers for example is GF.

    Always check the small print and allergen warning labels to be sure but if you do you will find a lot of chocky you can still eat. And it much better tasting and cheaper than the GF Chocoate sold in the GF section of the supermarket.

    Same goes for lollies. But be aware some lollies also use thickeners made from wheat as well as the glucose so once again check the ingredients list to be sure…..Then enjoy!

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    not all Toblerone is Gluten free
    by: Paul Clifford

    Please be aware that not all Toblerone is GF. Some of the varieties I believe may contain glucose derived from Wheat.

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    chocolate gluten free
    by: Suzanne Clarke

    Yes Cadbury do list all their Gluten Free Choc on their web site, they have a huge selection of their chocolate that is GF…. I am thrilled to read that Toblerone is GF I didn’t know it was, thanks.

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    Check Website
    by: Joanna Flanagan

    I think cadburys list it on their website if u are not sure, some nestles choc is ok and toblerone is gf

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    Not all Cadburys ok
    by: Robyn Waterworth

    Not all Cadbury is ok!…you need to read labels

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    Lindt and Cadbury’s (I think)
    by: Sarah Pryor Rogers

    Lindt and Cadbury’s (I think) can’t guarantee they are GF, so don’t label as such. I have had a bit of both every now and then with no obviously problems, but generally I still to the Green and Black’s, which is definitely GF.

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    by: Anonymous

    The Cadbury’s website has some information on their website.