This is one of the most common questions I get asked when I pop round to friends for dinner, or dine out. I thought all rice was gluten free be default – but the after walking around my local Asian grocer… I got confused by varieties like “glutenous rice”.  

So that raises the question… Is rice gluten free? 

There are both glutenous and gluten free varieties of rice. Most varieties of rice are gluten free from the supermarket. I have noticed at my local asian grocer there are some rices which are enriched with a gluten base – it will usually say “enriched” on the packet. Along with Glutenous rice, or glutenous rice flour.

Is rice gluten free? Yes It Is!

When you find out your are gluten free or coeliac it feels like you are cutting all the good foods out of your diet… but really its an opportunity to try new foods and expand your culinary horizons.

Rice is gluten free – just be sure you do not buy processed rice with stocks or sauces derived from wheat.

Reactions in the past.

I always thought I was allergic to Chinese food in my teenage days, it always gave me horrible re-flux and made me feel pretty gross after eating out. After realizing my gluten allergy, I now realise it was a reaction to soy sauce, gluggy sauces or msg. Now I avoid those ingredients – I can eat rice no problem.

What types of rice do I eat?

  • Basmati
  • Sushi Rice
  • Risotto Rice
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Riced Cauliflower (technically not a rice… but still delicious)


  • Always read the packet.
  • Ring ahead when you dine out
  • When eating sushi ask if they use gluten free rice wine vinegar
  • Use tamari instead of soy sauce on your rice.
  • Switch to quinoa



Beware of what you put on your rice!!!

For years I use to think I was allergic to rice (before I knew I was gluten free) But it turns out I was wrong… the root of the problem was the soya sauce (which contains gluten) that I use to drown my rice in.

Another thing that may cause people to think they are allergic to rice is a starch intolerance. If we refer to the new food pyramid you will see that you should only have 1/2c of carbohydrates in our meal – so be sure to eat healthy portions.

Rice Milk and Products

Rice is gluten free and it can be great – rice milk is a great alternative to soy milk in drinks or in your cooking. Rice can be a great base for rice balls or risotto balls for lunches.

One thing to watch out for is Japanese rice – you need to stay away from teriyaki sauce… but also watch out for sushi vinegar – read the labels as not all of them are gluten free – the same with Japanese mayonnaise… always read the labels.

Also some people add gluten to their rice or baking to make it stick together better. This can be an ingredient in some rice paper wraps, dumplings, rice crackers and rice flours so check the label.

Any gluten free rice tips? Share them below using the comments box 😀 Do you have a go to brand of rice? Have you found brands that are not gluten free? Why not share them below.