Hi all! I’ve been suffering food intolerance symptoms for the last few years – they came on quite out of the blue, bloating, cramping, diarrhoea, and just a general stomach “oogy” feeling! 

I never suffered when I was younger so it was all very new to me. 

After a few years of just putting up with it, thinking I must have just over eaten, or putting it down to indigestion from eating too much too quickly, I finally decided to do something about it. 

I decided to fast at first to basically see if starving myself helped – well i felt hungry, but better! So this confirmed my suspicions that food was causing my symptoms. After many late night google sessions I came across the website www.imupro.com.au. 

Seriously, what a freaking relief!!! This was the only website I found useful!! I sent a few emails back and forth with one of their reps then finally decided to call and speak to somebody.

Their staff were very kind and helpful. They have a whole range of food intolerance tests available to suit all budgets but i ended up just doing their biggest one, the Imupro-300 test because it covers the biggest range of foods (270+). 

I got my results back a few weeks ago and was very surprised – some foods i knew would be a problem like gluten and dairy for example, but others i never would have even suspected! For example i’d been eating chickpeas and tofu regularly because i thought they were healthy foods – surprise surprise some of my highest intolerances were chickpeas and soya!! The reason? I’d been eating too much of the same things, too often! I learnt a valuable lesson, healthy foods might be healthy but if you eat them too regularly your body can build up intolerances. 

Variety is the key apparently! Anyway after about a couple of weeks on this Imupro diet i am feeling so much better!! Bloating no more and my stomach feels so much more settled!! I just wanted to share my experience with Imupro in the hope that other people can benefit from their comprehensive test. 

Their website is www.imupro.com.au – check them out for yourselves and see what you think!! Best of luck to all. – Eliza 🙂