Here is a question from one of our readers.

What stock cubes are available gluten free? What other stock options do I have as a gluten free person.

They seem to put wheat in a lot of off the shelf choices so it would be nice to find a gluten free alternative that is as easy to use as stock cubes.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A. Shop in the gluten free isle, read packets. These ingredients can change from year to year. Be careful with the liquid stocks, some are gluten free and some are not. I have used Massel cubes and powder before. I like to keep them on hand to help boost the flavour. I also love making my own chicken stock if I ever do a roast, I just freeze it in bags so its ready when I need it.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    MSG vegeta
    by: Anonymous

    vegeta?? please read the label, it contains MSG

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    by: Anonymous

    Vegeta are also excellent and have the added advantage of being yeast free.

    Vegeta comes in a small tin of stock powder rather than a cube. They come in the usual flavours.

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    Gluten Free Stock Cubes and Powder
    by: Kati Harrington

    Massel make gf stock cubes and powder. I’ve found in in the gf sections in coles, woolworths and also IGA I think. Also no added msg.

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    Msg in Gluten Free Stock
    by: Jacqui Paulson

    There are no stock cubes without msg and most have wheat so I either make my own stock or I use Herbamare as a stock and that is msg free and gluten free.

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    Massel Gluten Free Stock
    by: Marnie Tanner Sigal

    Yes! Massel do some 🙂

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    stock cubes
    by: Anonymous

    Massel has stock cubes and liquid that are gluten free. They are excellent. We also use the chicken stock powder as chicken salt