soy products

I have had a number of people on the website ask me the following question:

“Is There Gluten In Soy? I know that there is gluten in soya sauce… but what about soy itself?”

This is a very common question and it really depends on the product. Wheat is used as a thickener in soya sauce, along with teriyaki sauces etc. and is a common ingredient in Asian cooking.

Soy protein is naturally gluten free – but that does not mean all soy products will be.

Check labels.

I have found a number of soy milks, bars, and flakes to be gluten free so there really is no hard and fast rule.

But some also contain barley, maltodextrin of thickener (derived from wheat or corn).

When in doubt simply read the label 🙂

Tamari is a type of gluten free sauce – that tastes just like soy – but be careful – not all tamaris are created equal and some brands sneak wheat in there – it is normally found in the Asian section of your supermarket/ or with the other soya sauces – remember always to read labels.

Found a brand you love? Struggled with gluten free labelling? Share your gluten free soy stories by utilising the comment box. We would love to hear from you

  • Elaine Smith

    After almost two years gluten free, I apparently have now become very sensitive, and
    had two major gluten events recently. The first was a huge mistake on
    my part, having used gluten pasta instead of gluten free. After 3 hours I
    began to feel pain in my stomach, followed by violent vomiting for
    hours. The second incident was in a cafe, where I had a gluten free
    pumpkin soup with GF bread, which was toasted and buttered. I had
    questioned the waitperson carefully about the soup, but about 90 minutes
    after lunch I had a repeat of the previous reaction. The next day I
    called the cafe to tell them they need to be more careful, and was told
    that they use a separate bread board, but not a separate toaster or
    butter. And she was pretty sure she had given me the gf bread. And on
    top of this, yesterday I lunched at another cafe and questioned whether
    the chutney that was to be served with my fritata was GF, and was
    astounded to hear that it “only has a small amount of flour in it”! I’ve
    almost got to the point where I feel afraid to go out. Surely they have
    a responsibility to the dining public. I might tell them next time that
    if my meal is contaminated, I will be vomiting in about 90 minutes,
    maybe they will be extra careful