I understand not all ice creams are gluten free.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Don’t be misled
    by: Anonymous

    Glucose Syrup (from wheat) is actually gluten free. By the time processing has been completed there is no trace gluten. Please refer to the Australian Coeliac Society’s ingredients listings for accurate information on what is gluten free or not. I have found it very helpful. Also Dextrins can be fine as well…….most of the problems in ice creams are to do with the flavours in particular Malt or Caramel.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    by: Jacqui

    Glucose syrup, some dextrose. Plus for some people they are allergic to the emulsifiers and the colourings. Icecream is very difficult to find and personally, we just make our own. This way we can be sure what we are eating.