is there gluten in meat
Ever Wonder Is there gluten in meat? Finding gluten free food can be hard… especially when buying things are processed but here are a few rules that help me decide if food is gluten free and if should buy that meat. Along with what to look out for when you are shopping.

Beware of anything crumbed

Stay away from anything crumbed – this will more then likely be wheat flour based. When in doubt read the packet. But unless it states gluten free on the label, I have found most rissoles, burger patties, sausages, chicken nuggets, schnitzel and other processed meats that require breading to contain gluten.

Watch the marinade

Stay away from marinades – supermarkets and butchers seem to love teriyaki and soy based marinades, they also tend to thicken with wheat flour. I prefer to make my own marinades at home and buying unprocessed steak, roast beef, chicken, pork of lamb. Watch out for any Chinese marinades as they are more then likely derived from soya sauce which contains gluten.

is there gluten in sausages

Wheat flour thickener

Often wheat flour is used to thicken up and bind together processed meats, sausages, patties, rissoles and nuggets can all contain wheat flour or thickeners. Always read the label and look out for gluten free labels.

General rules to abide by.

Read the packaging. When in doubt go for fresh unprocessed, not marinated & not crumbed meats as they are the least likely to. Its easy to make a marinate or gluten free gravy so any meat tastes good… and think how much healthier you will be by choosing un-processed meats.

When you are dining out a steak and salad are usually a safe place to start. I usually opt for steak with garlic butter sauce and salad, I check for marinades, sauces and salad dressings. This is something I have managed to eat at most restaurants if they do not have gluten free bread.

Any tips for choosing gluten free meat? Share your story’s and tips or ask questions below using the comment box.