laska with paperless dumpling ballsAre you craving dumplings? Dumpling wrappers usually have gluten in them, which is a total bummer. That is why I created these paperless dumpling balls which go great in this laska with zoodles. You get all the flavour of a dumpling without the pesky carbs, its a much lighter meal, and I feel less guilty than if I ate something deep fried.

I use these dumpling balls on platters, serve them with streamed broccoli, cauliflower, make them into patties or serve them in a soup which I will include the recipe for below.Ingredients

A packet of Asian home gourmet Laska paste
2 cups of chicken stock
1 mini can of coconut cream
2 zucchinis
Dumpling meatballs (you can find the recipe to make these here)
1 cup of water
2 tablespoons of coconut oil

What to do

Cook the spice paste off in the oil for 3 minutes.
Add the chicken stock, water and coconut cream and turn the heat Down to medium heat to warm it through.

In a separate pan cook the dumpling balls in coconut oil until cooked through.

While they are cooking quickly make some zoodles using your zucchinis and a mandolin / julienne peeler.

Pop the zoodles into the broth

Once they are cooked place your dumplings in the bottom of the bowl, covered the dumpling balls in the broth and zoodles mixture.

Serve immediately on a cold night

Note: the Laska paste has a chilli kick, so if your not Into mild to medium spicy ness this might not be the recipe for you