is movie popcorn gluten free

A question from one of our readers: Is Movie Popcorn Gluten Free?

I had the munchies last time I was at the movie theater… but I was a little to scared to buy a pottle of my own pop corn just in case it caused a reaction.

Can anyone tell me if certain cinemas use gluten free pop corn brands or if they have had any positive or negative experience with gluten in movie pop corn?

I would be fantastic to be able to have a treat like this when I went to the movies.. I guess I could bring my own, but there is something about buying it their.


The corn kernels are gluten free – but it is the buttery topping that can be an issue. As different movie theaters stock different brands, it would pay to ring them and ask what brand they are using, then let your fingers do the walking – and google if that brand is gluten free.

I like to BYO my own caramel honey popcorn – (not much of a butter fan) so I know the ingredients before I go.

Has anyone done this in Australia?

I would love it if you could leave a comment below and let the readers know any cinemas you have checked are gluten friendly :D.