gluten free oyster sauce

Q. Does anyone know where I can find a gluten free Oyster sauce? or if such a thing exists.

This is one of my favorite things to cook with, and I love eating Thai dishes that are flavored with this when I am out.

If anyone could tell me if 
A. A gluten free oyster sauce exists and
B. Where to find it – that would be fantastic.

If you have found a substitute or something similar that would also be great.

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Gluten Free Aussies Reply

Hi There,

Yes it is possible to find gluten free oyster sauce you just have to hunt for it. Depending on where the product is made you may find the labeling of a products gluten free status may be different.

I actually ended up finding my gluten free oyster sauce at my local produce shop with other Asian products… luckily there was an English label stuck on and everything seemed to be OK.

However, you need to check your labels as not ALL oyster sauce is gluten free, some will have soy, or wheat thickeners. It pays to ask your local thai restaurant, or you could print out a celiac card in thai (or the language of the chef – to explain why you can not eat it). I have had mixed results at thai restaurants with stir frys, I tent to stick to curry which seem to be the gluten free option, more so than stir frys, as soy sauce contains gluten.