Is red rooster gluten free  - pinterest imageWe had this question from a glutenfreeaussie”

Q. Hi I would like to know if red rooster chicken is suitable for people on a gluten free diet. thanks in advance.

A. It looks like their chicken all contains gluten. Their peas, corn, garden salad and coffee appear to be gluten free. Chips and Hash browns may contain trace elements. 

When you are looking at take away menus there are a few things you should look out for to avoid accidental glutening. 

As for the rest of the menu It depends on which items you are choosing and how hyper sensitive you are, as cross contamination is always a possibility in kitchens that are preparing glutenous foods. As a general rule stay away from anything that is crumbed or contains bread crumbs (processed meats like patties or chicken nuggets. You will also need to watch out for sauces, gravy’s and marinades as they can contain gluten. 

Red rooster has an allergen guide on their website. According to this list (and this may vary over time so it pays to check).

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