I often hear people complaining about how awful gluten free bread is and to be honest, if its not toasted I am usually right there without, unless its fresh out of the oven. When I eat gluten free bread I often find it hard to go to the loo, I get bloated, and generally feel pretty lethargic… Probably due to the lack of fibre.

I love to mix it up and reinvent the sandwich or burger bun by experimenting with vegetables, so far I have tried ice berg lettuce, cos lettuce, kumara, mushrooms and yesterday I tried spinach leaves which was a TOTAL WINNER.

Why consider a spinach bun as a gluten free bread alternative?


  • Get more greens
  • Feel less bloated
  • lower carbs
  • Crunch and texture
  • Cheaper than gluten free bread so you save money.
  • Wrap in gladwarp to make it portable.


Spinach bun
Spinach bun for the win… who need’s bread?!


Spinach Leaves (not the baby ones unless you are making teeny tiny sliders ;P )


  • Take Spinach leaves and wash them thoroughly.
  • Remove the stalk up to the base of the leaf.
  • Pat dry with a paper towel to avoid messy drips.
  • I recommend using two leaves at the top and bottom of your sandwhich or bun, 1 will work, but then you miss out on all that dark, leafy green goodness.
  • Fill with the Sandwhich or burger filling of your choice. In the picture I have opted for acid free tomatoes, basil, goats cheese, bacon, avocado, hashbrown, onion jam.

Things to watch out for

  • Watch out for drips or overloading on condiments.
  • Don’t overload your leaves
  • If you don’t think about how you wrap it, it can be hard to eat if you take one to work or school.

Over to you… What did you put in yours? What did you think? Have you tried this?