When people first go gluten free it is a real learning curve. You usually spot the obvious forms of gluten, but it can turn up in the most unsuspecting places. And where your symptoms take the form of food poisoning, or that of an allergic reaction – what ever the result – the cause can be the same. 

5 Ways you could be Unknowingly Poisoning Yourself With Gluten.

So we are putting together a list of products that contain gluten that you might not have thought about to help you get ahead while being gluten free. If you think of any we do not have here, drop us a comment below so we can add it to the list.

1. Wheat free is not the same as gluten free.

Wheat free & Gluten free are no the same thing

Wheat free and gluten free are two very different things. Wheat free means it does not contain wheat. Gluten free means it does not contain wheat, malt, barley or rye – which are all sources of gluten. 

2. Gluten in your medication

gluten in medication

Antihistamine hayfever tablets  and Certain brands of pain killers contain wheat as a thickening agent. Always read the packet when it comes to your medication. This was one I did not pick up on for a year or two. It was uncanny that I was prescribed antihistamines for my allergies… only to find out they had been secretly poisoning me.

3. Balloons & Rubber Gloves


One I was blowing up balloons for a party and I got this weird rash on my lips which began to get super itchy. It was only after this that I realized the white powder they use to keep balloons from sticking together may be derived from wheat. The good thing is, now I have an excuse to avoid blowing up balloons. The same thing has happened with cheap rubber gloves

4. Conditioner and Hair Treatments

gluten in hair products

Wheat protein is often used as a strengthening agent in hair products. For years I had a rash on my neck, and it was not until I went gluten free that I realized that it wasn’t just the products I ate that were effecting my skin and allergies, it also extended to health and beauty products… which makes sense when you think about it, with the skin being the biggest organ in the body. Look out for “wheat protein” or “hydrolyzed wheat protein”. 

5. Energy Drinks

gluten in Energy Drinks

As a student I use to pound back energy drinks, especially during exam season. The trouble was, one was never enough, and these guys tended to wipe me out and making me feel weird after drinking them. It wasn’t until I looked at the label I realized that energy drinks could have gluten in them to. Watch this one, as the caffine on top of the gluten can leave you feeling horrid.

If you know someone who is just new to going gluten free, be sure to share this article, and help them avoid gluten poisoning. 

Have you found hidden gluten in something? We would love to hear about your hidden gluten experiences, so be sure to drop us a comment.