is curry gluten free

Here is a question from a fellow Gluten Free Aussie:

I use curry powder in my cooking… well I use to. But know my favorite brand of curry powder seems to have a wheat thickener in it. 

Can anyone point me in the direction of a curry powered that is suitable for me?

Do i have to buy one which is specifically gluten free? or will there be a different brand available somewhere in Australia?

A. to is curry powder gluten free

There is no hard and fast rule, it varies from brand to brand. Curry powder should not have gluten or wheat in it naturally. This is something that particular brand has added. If you read the labels, you will be able to find another brand that is gluten free. 

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    Curry Powders GF
    by: Anonymous

    I have found a great range of gluten free curry powders, I buy them from Toscano’s in Richmond.
    They did have a web page that listed their products/ stockists but checking it now it has changed but there is an email address that you could contact for more info. I hope they are still in business because the curry powders are great. Hope this helps.

  • Gluten Free Aussie

    A good curry
    by: redrenaud

    I use woolworths select Traditional Curry Powder Reading the ingredients it is GF In the International food section of Woolworths you will also find an array of simmer sauces in the curry line that are marked GF Passage to India and Passage to Thailand and Patak’s all have GF products I find this a great section including Chinese type sauces for cooking good luck

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  • Alex Hunt

    There is a brand of certified organic Curry powers from LOVE MY EARTH that are gluten free, 100% organic and preservative free. I have tried them and they are great. Its an Australian owned company. Their website is
    good luck